TOP 10 of the Best Dog Food For French Bulldogs

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What To Look For In Good French Bulldog Dog Food

Every good dog owner wants the best for their little friend. Dogs provide humans many benefits in the form of companionship, protection, and entertainment. As such, we all know deep down that we have a unique responsibility to our closest animal ally. Since dogs were first domesticated, humans have won their loyalty in the same way a good pack leader does; by feeding them well.

There is always a gap between what we want and what we can realistically do. As such, you may not be able to buy your dog the best top-shelf brands as they are oftenquite expensive. However, this article is intended for those who can afford the top-shelf brands. Does this mean you should always use the top-shelf brands? Not necessarily, the term “top-shelf” is usually applied on the basis of price alone. This is a fallacy because an expensive product is not necessarily a superior one.

Let’s take a quick look at several dog foods, with an emphasis on their contents. We will examine the nutritional content, price, safety, additives, and more. We will attempt to ignore marketing and concentrate on the facts. With this knowledge, we hope you can make an informed decision as you choose the best dog food for French bulldogs.

Buyer’s Guide – What You Should Know Before Buying Food For French Bulldogs

 food for french bulldog puppies

Before choosing a dog food brand for your little Frenchie, there are several things you should know. You need to know about the unique breathing problems French bulldogs are prone to develop. The French bulldog is an animal with a slight genetic defect. These dogs were developed over the centuries as a breed with a very short snout. As the snout and upper jaws became smaller, the respiratory system remained the same. The result is that the French bulldog has a very narrow set of breathing tubes. When you are choosing the best dog food for French bulldogs, this genetic problem must be considered. When a small Frenchie becomes too fat, their airways have a tendency to become constricted and is why your French bulldog needs a lean and nutritious diet. A fat Frenchie may look cute, but you need to understand that a fat Frenchie is an unhealthy Frenchie. When evaluating the best wet dog food for French bulldogs, or the best dry food, this consideration should always be foremost in your mind.


Remember when selecting the best diet for a French bulldog is that your dog needs a low-calorie diet. However, you also need to make sure your dog is getting the nutrition and the energy he or she needs to be healthy and active. There is a balance to be struck here, and it is complicated because many brands of dog food do not print the calorie content numbers on the label. If the label doesn’t give you a calorie count, don’t buy it. When A French bulldog gets too fat, it can be a serious health risk.


  • A lean diet is essential.
  • Look for calorie counts.
  • Adjust portions to adjust weight.


As carnivores, dogs require a high protein intake…, At least, that is the myth. The truth is that dogs are actually omnivores, just as we are. This is why most dog foods will often contain vegetable derivatives. There are many fruits and vegetables you can feed your dog, but you need to be careful because some of the plants we eat can be harmful to them. I recommend yellow squash, as my dogs love it and eat it readily.


  • Dogs are omnivores.
  • Some veggies and fruits are off-limits.
  • Try squash, beans, and peas.

French bulldog feeding can be nerve-wracking because of their sensitivity. However, most foods intended for small dogs will work fine for a Frenchie. Unless you go with a very low or high-protein option, you probably have nothing to worry about.


Dog food that contains wheat are normally a little cheaper, because the United States grows so much of it. However, it is something that should be avoided. Wheat is not harmful to dogs, but good food for French bulldogs should include little to none. This is because your dog’s body will have to work harder to process the wheat, and will result in a terrible cloud of flatulent gas. Unless you want to be driven from your own home as you retch and gag, keep the wheat to a minimum. When buying food for French bulldog puppies, this is even more important due to their more sensitive digestive systems. A grain-rich diet has other problems as well, which we will explain further in the next section.


  • Cheap foods use wheat as filler.
  • Wheat causes horrible flatulence.
  • Wheat is bad for puppies.


The Frenchie is very prone to allergic reactions. French bulldog rescue groups often see dogs whose allergies are so bad their owners have simply given up. As wheat is one of the most common dog allergies and because it offers nothing of value except carbohydrates, this is an ingredient that can be safely excluded from a French bulldog diet. Dog food that contains grain are essentially using them as filler. As such, French bulldog food should get its carbs from better sources.


  • This breed is very prone to allergies.
  • Keep an eye out for symptoms like itching and flaking.
  • Another reason to avoid wheat.

Grains are not the only potential danger. Some dogs have been known to develop allergies to beef. You will know if your dog has an allergy problem because it will have dry, flaky skin, and will probably lose some hair. You will also notice red, inflamed paw pads, on your dog because they will be unable to stop chewing and gnawing at their feet.

Artificial Preservatives

One of the best reasons to avoid cheap dog food is the avoidance of preservatives. It is nearly impossible to find dog food (or human food) that contains no preservatives. However, there are plenty of brands with much lower levels of preservatives. Common dog food preservatives include:

  • Ethoxyquin
  • Butylated hydroxyanisole (BHA)
  • Butylated hydroxytoluene (BHT)

All these can be toxic in high levels. If you are looking for the best food for French bulldogs with a sensitive stomach, you should always check the preservative levels. French bulldog puppy food must also be chosen with this consideration in mind.

Almost everything contains preservatives.
Cheap food contains much more.
Frenchies have sensitive stomachs.



Product Name Calories Protein Wheat Allergies Artificial Preservatives
Royal Canin Breed Health Nutrition French Bulldog  3,840 kcal/kg ME (303 kcal/cup ME) 24% min. Yes Includes pork and wheat None Click for Price
Royal Canin Breed Health Nutrition Bulldog  3,844 kcal/kg ME (331 kcal/cup ME) 22% min. Yes Includes wheat, soy, and egg products None Click for Price
Blue Buffalo Life Protection  3,251 kcal/kg ME (326 kcal/cup ME) 22% min. None Includes chicken None Click for Price
Rachael Ray Nutrish Zero Grain Natural  3,520 kcal/kg ME (313 kcal/cup ME) 26% min. None Includes chicken None Click for Price
Royal Canin Breed Health Nutrition Puppy 3,888 kcal/kg ME (373 kcal/cup ME) 28% min. Yes Includes wheat None Click for Price
Wellness Core Natural Grain Free  3,250 kcal/kg ME (360 kcal/cup ME) 33% min. None Includes chicken sources None Click for Price
Purina Pro Plan SAVOR 3,492 kcal/kg ME (334 kcal/cup ME) 26% min. Yes Includes chicken, wheat, and corn-based ingredients None Click for Price
AvoDerm Natural Health Solutions 3,190 kcal/kg ME (329 kcal/cup ME) 20% min. Yes Includes chicken None Click for Price
Premium Edge Healthy  3,500 kcal/kg ME (347 kcal/cup ME) 44% min. None Includes chicken and egg None Click for Price
Eukanuba Weight Control  3,411 kcal/kg ME (238 kcal/cup ME) 22% min. Yes Includes chicken, wheat, egg, and corn None Click for Price

Product Reviews – What is the best food for french bulldogs?

Now let’s take a closer look at the products. During our research, we’ve looked into the ingredients, claims, and reviews of numerous dog foods from multiple companies, In the end, we’ve managed to number the choices down to the ten best. Hopefully, we can help you come up with some ideas on the perfect treat for a French bulldog. Continue reading for more details on our top picks.

1. Royal Canin Breed Health Nutrition French Bulldog Adult dry dog food – best dog food for frenchies

Made specifically for adult French bulldogs, this dog food uses proteins, vitamins, minerals, and omega-3 fatty acids (EPA and DHA) to help boost overall health. In addition, the kibble comes in a form that allows a French bulldog to pick it up and chow down without a problem. This is beneficial as French bulldogs are notorious for having shortened upper jaws.

best dog food for french bulldogs with gas



  • Promotes healthy skin
  • Designed in shape that’s easy to pick up and eat
  • Aids in digestive health
  • Helps maintain muscle mass


  • Not for French bulldogs younger than 12 months
  • Not every dog will like it

2. Royal Canin Breed Health Nutrition Bulldog – best food for frenchies

This Royal Canin product is not only made for Frenchies but you can feed it to other bulldog breeds as well. The ingredients are slightly altered from other versions and the kibble is shaped differently. However, your bulldog can still pick it up easily.

Royal Canin Health Nutrition Bulldog Adult dry dog food


The manufacturers use a combination of highly digestive proteins, carbohydrates, and fiber to enhance digestion. Moreover, the included fatty acids are good for joints and bones.


  • Encourages healthy joints and bones
  • Includes essential vitamins and minerals
  • Beneficial proteins for digestive health


  • Uses grains and by-products
  • Complaints of flatulence

3. Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula – best french bulldog food

This product by Blue Buffalo, is free of by-products, wheat, corn, soy, and any artificial flavoring or preservatives. It’s simply natural and rich with healthy substances. The formula is a nourishing blend of real meat, vegetables, fruits, and whole grains. Its many substances provide beneficial properties for various components of the body including the teeth, skin, coat, joints, bones, muscles, and immune system.

what can french bulldogs eat


  • Nutrient-dense
  • Made with natural ingredients
  • A good source of protein
  • Free of wheat, soy, and corn
  • For bulldogs of all sizes


  • The product is expensive
  • Can cause diarrhea and vomiting in some bulldogs

4. Rachael Ray Nutrish Zero Grain – best dry dog food for french bulldogs

Rachael Ray’s dog food is a mixture of high-quality protein sources and wholesome vegetables. It includes pasture-raised turkey as the main source of protein along with turkey meal, a source of B vitamins and amino acids which are necessary for organ functioning. The vegetables include potatoes, peas, beet pulp, and tapioca are good for digestive health.

dry dog food for french bulldogs

Plus, the product excludes gluten as well as any artificial dyes, flavorings, or preservatives.


  • Uses high-quality proteins
  • Doesn’t include artificial preservatives, colors, or flavorings
  • Promotes good digestion


  • May cause effects like skin rashes, bloody diarrhea, and vomiting
  • Owners have reported their bulldogs wouldn’t touch it

5. Royal Canin French Bulldog Puppy – best french bulldog puppy food

This Royal Canin option is made for French Bulldog puppies. It combines proteins for encouraging proper digestion, vitamins and minerals for boosting the immune system, and omega-3 fatty acids for supporting healthy skin. There are some questionable ingredients, however, like wheat gluten and chicken by-product.

royal canin french bulldog puppy food


  • Can help strengthen the immune system
  • Rich source of nutrients
  • The omega-3 fatty acids are good for skin


  • The wheat-based ingredients can cause allergies
  • The taste is not for every puppy

6. Wellness Core Natural Grain – good dog food for french bulldogs

Produced by WellPet LLC, consists of sufficient protein sources, vegetables, fruits, and herbs that contain a variety of healthful substances. In contrast to the original recipe, this version uses less fat which is beneficial for French bulldogs that are a little on the chubby side. It doesn’t include any wheat, corn, or soy-based ingredients. Moreover, the product is free of meat by-products, synthetic preservatives, artificial dyes, and artificial flavorings.

french bulldog raw diet


  • 25% reduced fat
  • Doesn’t use meat by-products
  • Combination of healthful substances
  • No wheat, soy, or corn


      • Customers have reported finding mold inside the bag
      • Some bulldogs are put off by the smell

    7. Purina Pro Plan SAVOR – good frenchie dog food

    The Pro Plan SAVOR formula for weight management is simply shredded meat and kibble mixed together. Containing 25% less fat than the regular version, the formula is rich in protein with real chicken serving as the first ingredient. Along with proteins, the dog food offers a fair share of vitamins, minerals, prebiotics, and fats for good health.

    french bulldog feeding

  • Besides chicken and rice, you can purchase Purina Pro Plan SAVOR Shredded Blend in other formulas which include beef, lamb, salmon, etc.Pros
  • Comes in multiple formulas
  • Uses high-quality proteins
  • Has antioxidants and prebiotics


  • Has corn and soy-based ingredients
  • Some dogs pick out the meat and leave the kibble

8. AvoDerm Natural Health Solutions – best dog food for french bulldogs with skin allergies

The AvoDerm Natural brand offers a wholesome combination of ingredients that help a Frenchie maintain a healthy weight and immune system. As the name indicates, the main ingredient is avocados, an excellent source of many nutrients, along with other easily digestible foods like white rice and oatmeal. The formula doesn’t use any artificial ingredients, soy, wheat, corn, or meat by-products.

french bulldog food


  • High in fiber and other nutrients
  • Made with all-natural ingredients
  • Less fattening than the brand’s leading product


  • Reviewers say this dog food made their pet sick
  • A little pricey for some customers


9. Premium Edge Healthy Weight – high protein dog food for french bulldog

For Frenchies experiencing weight issues, the Premium Edge Adult Healthy Weight dog food may be useful. The formula consists of chicken, salmon, vegetables, fruits, herbs, and other substances. Salmon enriches the flavor and adds nutrients like omega-3 fatty acids. Herbs, fruits, and vegetables are great sources of antioxidants that support health. Premium Edge also uses L-carnitine, which helps boost metabolism and burn fat as well as glucosamine and chondroitin to support the joints and bones.

french bulldog diet


  • Real chicken and salmon are used
  • L-carnitine has fat-burning properties
  • Supports bone and joint health


  • Includes egg, a common allergen for dogs
  • Not for pets below a year old

10. Eukanuba Weight Control – best food to feed french bulldog – Healthy Weight frenchies dog food

Mars Petcare created Eukanuba Adult Weight Control dog food to help owners manage the weight of their pets. With a minimum of 22% protein, the Weight Control formula contains 33% less fat compared to the formula for Eukanuba’s small breed adult dog food. On top of that, Weight Control uses a wide array of nutrients that help support digestion, oral health, skin health, joints and bones, and the immune system.

dog food for frenchies


      • Nutrient-dense
      • 33% reduced fat
      • Fatty acid content is good for skin and coat health
      • Helps boost the immune system


      • Has corn and egg-based ingredients
      • It’s not every dog’s preference
      • Q/A Section – Best Dog Food for French Bulldogs

In the Q/A section, we answer a couple frequently asked questions from customers including what a french bulldog puppy can eat and what food to give a French bulldog with allergies. You may respond in the comment section if you have other questions to be answered. Continue reading below.

1. What to feed a french bulldog puppy?

You need to assure your pet lives not only a happy, but a healthy life. It’s essential to give your pet healthy food free of refined sugar, MSG, artificial colors, and synthetic preservatives. Natural ingredients are the way to go. Keep your pet on a diet that consists of plenty of protein, veggies, fruits, and certainly water. It’s also important to know if the puppy has allergies to ingredients like wheat, soy, corn, etc. We find it helpful to read labels.

In addition, avoid giving your pet food with questionable amounts of salt.

2. What is best dog food for French bulldogs with skin allergies?

Wheat, soy, and corn are several foods known to commonly cause allergic reactions among dogs. We suggest going for products that exclude these ingredients. This is not recommended for every dog owner as we understand not all French bulldogs share the same allergies. Plus, certain bulldogs have more allergies than others. It’s a matter of trying different foods to see how the bulldog responds. You should know whether the bulldog likes something or not. If a food happens to cause an allergic reaction, you don’t have to feed it to your pet again. There’s arguably no dog food that is completely allergen-free.

Conclusion – Best Dog Food for French Bulldogs

After reviewing all these great choices, we advise you to try the Wellness CORE brand. We absolutely love that the product is all-natural and excludes common allergens like wheat and soy for ingredients. The company also offers alternative versions for bulldogs with poultry and fish allergies.

On top of that, Wellness CORE offers your pet a nourishing meal which includes essential nutrients, fatty acids, fiber, probiotics, and prebiotics that are helpful for the body.

We are hopeful that this article provides some assistance with your quest to finding the best dog for French bulldogs.