Best Dog Food for Rottweiler: Buyer Guide and Nutrition

best food for rottweiler

Dietary Needs for a Rottweiler

When you are out shopping for the best dog food for a rottweiler, the ingredients that make up the food should be the first thing to check out before making a purchase. Not all dog’s have the same dietary requirements and you wouldn’t want to buy a food product that will have a severe reaction to your rottie or lack the essential nutrition to grow effectively.
To get the best from your rottweiler, the first thing you need to consider is the type of food you serve your rottie. When I decided to breed a rottie, I had a few challenges with the food given at the shelter. After having a productive chat with my veterinarian, I was able to know what my rottie needed and how I would take care of him. I will share with you my experience and offer advice on how to bring up a rottie as a pup to a mature dog.

Buyer’s Guide: What You Should Know About A Rottweiler Diet

Rottweilers are highly energetic dogs that love playing a lot. Therefore, the first thing that hits your mind when deciding on the best food for a rottweiler should be a diet that has energetic supplements to sustain their active nature. In some instances, this can be tricky because your regular grocery store that offers commercial dog food, may not offer food that suits his diet. However, in most pet stores that sell dog food, you can get rottweiler food that has the required nutrients for optimal growth and development.
In most instances, rottweiler food recipes should include food products that are approximately 22-26% whole protein with little to no grain. As for how much they need, rotties should be fed with at least 2,100 calories per day.
A vital point to consider is due to their active nature, you might be forced to increase the number of calories to around 2,800 per day. This equates to approximately 5-8 cups of food per day. With a 30-pound bag of food, you will be able to feed your rottie on an average of 12 days.
It is also important to keep in mind that some rotties are allergic to some food products. It is necessary to look after their diet. If you are new to these dogs, it is always advisable to seek professional advice from your veterinarian.

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Nutrients found in rottweiler food products include:

  • Proteins
  • Vitamins
  • Calories
  • Minerals
  • Carbohydrates
  • Fats

Here is a breakdown of the essential nutrients you should look out for when buying dog food for your rottweiler

best rottweiler puppy food

Protein is an essential nutrient you should look out for when you are buying food for your rottweiler. An excellent rottie food product should be rich in protein and low in fat. The reason you should consider this in rottie food is it will provide your dog with sufficient energy while at the same time prevent it from growing obese. Apart from this, go for a rottie food product that has healthy fruits, vegetables, and prebiotics. These nutrients not only provide your dog with the required energy, but they also improve the overall health of your dog.


Rottweiler dog food recommendations should include calories. Just like proteins, calories play a vital role in the growth and development of dogs. On average, for dogs to maintain their weight, they require about 25-30 calories per pound per day. However, it is essential to bear in mind that this might change depending on the age of your dog and its overall physical activities. You might be forced to either reduce or increase the calorie intake given to your rottie. On average, a 30-pound dog requires around 800 calories per day. When shopping for your rottie’s food, always be on the lookout for the kcal contents. This indicates the number of calories present in the food product.


A good number of dog foods usually contain fat. However, the type of fat available in your selected dog food will depend on the manufacturer. The best rottweiler food should have fats from pork, soybeans, cottonseeds, safflower oil, and chicken oil to name a few. When feeding your rottie, a balanced diet that provides an estimated 10-15% fat would be essential for optimal growth.

The body uses carbs first, extra carbs are then stored as fat. If the body doesn’t have enough carbs, it then goes to fats (hence the low carb diet)

Fats used in dog food are highly digestible, and you don’t have to worry about your dog getting constipated.


One interesting fact I can share, is dogs don’t necessarily need corn in their diet. They also don’t need barley, wheat, potatoes, or rice. What’s more surprising is most dog food sold in your local store are full of these nutrients. Don’t get me wrong, these nutrients are not harmful to your dog. Dogs are omnivores in nature, which means they can still utilize carbohydrates as a source of energy. This allows dogs to function properly and stay active. In most food products, the optimum level of carbohydrate in a good dog food for rottweilers should be around 30-70%.


Vitamins play an essential role in the growth of your rottweiler. However, you should know that different vitamins have different functions towards the growth of your rottie. For instance, food for a rottweiler should have some of the essential vitamins such as:

Vitamin C
Vitamin K
Vitamin A

Vitamin K plays a significant role in ensuring efficient blood clotting, while vitamin C is an antioxidant that helps your rottie eliminate toxins from its body as well as reduce inflammation. On the other hand, vitamin A is essential for your dog’s immune system and cell development. It is therefore vital to ensure your dog food has necessary vitamins in its ingredients.


When shopping for dog food for rottweilers, be on the lookout for the presence and type of minerals in the food. The minerals may vary depending on the company that manufactured the dog food, as well as the source of the minerals. For instance, minerals such as chloride, phosphorus, magnesium, calcium, and sodium can be found in dietary sources such as wheat bran, fish, beans, organ meats, and vegetables. These minerals work together to manage and control the overall balance of fluids moving in and out of the body’s cells. One great thing about minerals is they promote digestion and prevent constipation.

Portion for Different Ages

In most instances, a rottie’s feeding guidelines indicate you should feed your dog with food that is about 2-3% of its body weight. For example, if you have a Rottie weighing 120 pounds, then the ideal amount would be 2.4 to 3.6 pounds respectively on a daily basis. However, you should also consider the physical activity of the dog. If the dog loves playing around, then I would recommend 3.6 pounds a day. If it is not the active type, 2.4 pounds per day would be sufficient
Rotties, just like any other dog requires a feeding pattern that correlates with their body size, sex, and age. This can be challenging to new dog owners who lack experience on how to feed their dogs. The news is you don’t need any expertise to feed your rottie. You should, however, know the weight of your dog and its overall physical activities.
I would also recommend the services of a veterinarian to guide you on how to feed your rottie. Most veterinarians recommend a feeding pattern and provide you with a plan you should adhere to at all times.

What to feed a Rottweiler Puppy

rottweiler puppy food

When breeding rotties, the most challenging steps are usually finding the best dog food for a rottweiler, and bringing up pups until they are mature enough. If you don’t feed your rottie an appropriate diet, your rottie may grow weak or succumb to illness. What you need as a dog owner, is to find the best rottweiler puppy food on the market and ensure you feed your pup at least three times a day. The best food to feed a rottweiler puppy should be rich in protein and calcium. For instance, buy a dog food product that has 12-15% calcium and 23-25% protein. With these two nutrients and a perfect feeding pattern, your rottie pup will grow to be healthy and active.

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What is the best dog food for rottweilers

Comparing dry kibble formulas can be difficult, especially when balancing the benefits and potential issues of a brand. The following reviews quickly cover this points and more for ten products found on today’s market.

The comparison table of TOP 10 dog food for rottweilers

Calories Proteins Vitamins Minerals Fats
Taste of the Wild – Roasted Duck 375/cup 32% A,B1,B2,B6,B12,D Two 18%
CANIDAE Grain Free PURE 474/cup 25% A/B6/B12/D3/E Six 14.5%
Ziwi Peak Air-Dried Dog Food Recipe 318/cup 35% A/D3/E Six 33%
Taste of the Wild Grain – Roasted Duck 375/cup 32% A,B1,B2,B6,B12,D Two 18%
EUKANUBA Breed Specific Adult 309/cup 25% A,/B1/B2/B6/B12/D3/E Six 13%
I and Love and You Nude Food, Natural Grain Free 367/cup 34% B12/D3/E Five 15%
Fromm Family Foods 418/cup 25% Not-listed Not-listed 16%
Natural Balance Limited Ingredient Diets 355/cup 21% A/B12/C/D3/E Eight 12%
VICTOR Performance 440/cup 27% A/B6, 7,12/D3/E Eleven 19%
Precise Holistic Complete Large 400/cup 23% A/C/D3/E Seven 12%

1. Taste of the Wild – Roasted Duck – Best Dog Food for Rottweiler

rottweiler dog food

A delicious kibble with real meats.
This American company is family owned.
Intended for well-rounded pet diet.

Key features

  • Contains 375 calories per cup.
  • Listed at 32-percent proteins at minimum.
  • Vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, B12, and E are provided.
  • Has selenium & zinc minerals.
  • Kibble holds 18-percent fats.


  • Uses three bird meats
  • Lacks grains
  • Provides immunity support


  • Contains meat “meals”
  • Potato protein unnecessary
  • Omega fat-acids are low

Verdict: Good for rotweiler owners seeking balanced nutrition.

2. CANIDAE Grain Free PURE Dry Dog Food – balanced rottweiler diet

rottweiler diet

Chelated minerals break down quickly in this product.
Canidae is a smaller Texas-based supplier.
Owners looking for easily absorbed nutrients might like this.

Key features

  • Contains 474 calories per cup.
  • Holds only 25-percent proteins.
  • Includes vitamins A, B6, B12. D3, and E.
  • Infused with minerals like cooper and manganese.
  • Contains about 14.5-percent fats.


  • 10 key ingredients
  • Contains real bison
  • Probiotics mix


  • Uses lamb “meal”
  • Flaxseed makes up some protein
  • Higher price point

Verdict: A nutritionally-balanced kibble for large canines.

3. Ziwi Peak Air-Dried Dog Food Recipe – good nutrition for rottie

wild rottweilers

Designed to provide high-value nutrients.
Ziwi was founded by a husband/wife team in New Zealand.
Ideal for those seeking a naturally sourced kibble.

Key features

  • About 318 calories per cup.
  • Offers 35-percent proteins.
  • Vitamins include A, D3, and E.
  • Cooper and zinc mineral levels are balanced.
  • 33-percent Fat content.


  • Digestive enzymes
  • Includes calcium
  • Quality protein sources


  • Kibble is hard
  • Imported means less-fresh
  • High price point

Verdict: An option for those demanding little filler.

4. Taste of the Wild Grain  – balanced rottie food

french bulldog raw diet

Real meats are sourced.
Despite growth, this business is run by original owners.
Formulated for near complete dietary needs.

Key features

  • Contains 375 calories per cup.
  • Made of 32-percent proteins.
  • Vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, B12, and E are present.
  • Includes selenium & zinc minerals.
  • Contains 18-percent fats.


  • Use natural meats
  • Doesn’t contain grains
  • No artificial colors or flavors


  • Does include “Meals”
  • Lacks fatty acids
  • Extra proteins are added

Verdict: This dry food digests quickly.

5. EUKANUBA Breed Specific Adult Dry Dog Food – good rottweiler food

Designed for your favorite breed.
Eukanuba started in 1969.
Good for those needing reasonably priced kibble.

rotweiler food
Key features

  • Has 309 calories per cup.
  • Consists of 25-percent proteins.
  • Holds vitamins A, multiple Bs,D3, and E.
  • Copper and zinc top mineral list.
  • Only 13-percent fats listed.


  • Optimized for larger-bodied pet
  • Can Reduce tartar
  • Calcium for bones


  • Uses many fillers
  • Contains unlisted meats
  • Second main ingredient is corn

Verdict: Good for those budget-conscious owners.

6. I and Love and You – good rottie food

what to feed a rottweiler
It provides a decent kibble meal.
This company started out of a pet-store in Boulder, Colorado.
An option for something different.

Key features

  • Contains 367 calories per cup.
  • Holds 34-percent proteins.
  • Has vitamins B12. D3, and E.
  • Five minerals including copper.
  • Fats


  • Includes boar and pork
  • Grain free
  • No corn


  • Flaxseed adds to protein
  • Uses multiple meat “meals”
  • Contains pea proteins

Verdict: Acceptable low-fat kibble option.

7. Fromm Family Foods – best dog food for rottweilers

best rottweiler dog food
Created for active canines.
Fromm helped to develop distemper vaccines in the 1930s.
For those not conerned about prices.

Key features

    • Provides 418 calories per cup.
    • Contains 25-percent protein.
    • Vitamins aren’t listed individually.
  • Mineral content not identified.
  • Consists of 16-percent fat.


  • Employs probiotics
  • Salmon oil for coat
  • Uses whole poultry


  • Expensive
  • Content listing not complete
  • Use lots of fillers

Verdict: Find better for less cost.

8. Natural Balance Limited Ingredient – the best rottie food with food allergies

Designed to limit possible allergens.
Company started by Hollywood actor Dick Van Patten.
Good for canines with allergies.

dog food for siberian husky

Key features

  • 355 calories per cup
  • Holds 21-percent protein.
  • Vitamins A, B12, C, D3, and E.
  • Contains many mineral sources.
  • Only 12-percent fats.


  • L.I.D. Limited Ingredient formula
  • Promotes good hygiene
  • No preservatives


  • Limited protein sources
  • No whole meats used
  • Higher salt level

Verdict: Consider this if your canine suffers food allergies.

9. VICTOR Performance Dry Dog Food – good dog food for rottweilers

Created to provide active canines with energy.
Victor started dog-food distribution in 2007.
An option for owners with energetic pets.

rottweiler food allergies

Key features

  • 440 calories per cup.
  • Provides 27-percent protein.
  • Vitamins include A, B6, B7, B12,D3, and E.
  • Supplies most major minerals.
  • Includes 19-percent Fat.


  • Supports healthy joints
  • Gluten free
  • No corn


  • Uses meat flavors and “meals”
  • Lots of grain filler
  • Some dogs may reject taste

Verdict: Good for big breed’s joint-health.

10. Precise 726315 Holistic Complete Large – best dog food for rottweiler puppy

best rottweiler dog food

Designed to promote growth.

Precise employees focus on customer and pet care.

Parents of Rottweiler pups might consider this.

Key features

  • Provides 400 calories per cup.
  • Contains 23-percent protein.
  • Vitamins A, C, D3, and E.
  • Provides several minerals like potassium.
  • Includes 12-percent fat.


  • Uses whole chicken
  • Formulated for growth
  • Chelated minerals easy on tummy


  • Too Rich for one-year olds
  • Actual nutrients lower in smaller servings
  • Contains peas

Verdict: Good for canines under a year.

Common Questions

Two questions continue to pop up that Rottweiler owners ask. We’ve answered these below.

It is important to understand proper feeding so that you’re giving your canine friend proper meals without overfeeding. Stomach issue can also pop up as your pet ages and develops health concerns.

1. How much dog food should a rottweiler eat?

As a rule of thumb, you should feed your pet two to three percent of its weight. Puppies will need to eat more to keep up with their growing, while adults should be fine with this amount.

2. What is the best food for rottweiler with sensitive stomach

Your favorite breed tends to suffer from food allergies more than othersTummy issues can also be due to colitis or IBD. Changing diets to limited protein sources can help to alleviate stomach issues.

Final Thoughts

If you can find it, we recommend Ziwi Peak Air-Dried Recipe as the best dog food for Rottweilers. It uses natural ingredients while providing plenty of nutritional health.

Most of the other brands examined offer great benefits that you might want to try, including:

Taste of the Wild – Roasted Duck: Suggested for balanced meals.
CANIDAE Grain Free PURE: Recommended for nutrient-balanced kibble, too.
Taste of the Wild Grain – Roasted Duck: Recommended for easy digestion.
EUKANUBA Breed Specific Adult: Suggested as a cheaper alternative.
I and Love and You Nude Food, Natural Grain Free: Desirable for low-fat diets.
Fromm Family Foods: Not recommended, too pricey.
Natural Balance Limited Ingredient Diets Dry Dog Food: Suggested for allergy sufferers.
VICTOR Performance Dry Dog Food: Recommended for joint-health issues.
Precise 726315 Holistic Complete Large: Suggested for puppies.