Guidelines On How To Choose The Best Dog Food

Judging by the ingredients listed on the product, the blue buffalo dog food is an above average product. The blue buffalo wilderness is plant-based, grain-free dry dog food and in its ingredients includes considerable amount of fish or chicken meals as the main source of the animal proteins. Most reviewers have given it 4.5 stars rating.

Your dog needs the best food if you want to remain it healthy and strong. It should be made from recipes packed with proteins, limited with carbohydrates and fully loaded with the natural flavor.

Choosing the best dog food

  • All dog food is not good for your dog. The quality of the pet food varies depending on the manufacturer and you should not take what is printed on the label as the gospel truth. There are many reliable quality dog food brands in the market but there are also many unreliable products which use artificial additives and low quality filers.

Kibbles Dog food

  • Because pet foods are not as regulated as human foods, you have to research widely to find the best dog food. Important to note, since the quality of the food is directly related to the health of the dog, you should not compromise on the quality of the food. The orijen dog food has been rated highly by most reviewers but other popular names that deserve your attention include whole Earth Farms, Primal Pet Foods, Taste of the Wild, Blue Buffalo and Canidae.


  • The orijen dog food is grain-free and designed to mimic closely the natural biological diet which the dog has evolved to follow. This brand follows approach which is biologically appropriate for pet nutrition. All the orijen dog foods are designed to reflect the natural diet type which the dog should follow for the best health. Dog food advisor has noted that the orijen dog food is rated above average.

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  • The said brand only dry foods at the moment but offers wide assortment of freeze dried foods and kibbles for the senior dogs, adults and puppies and selection of treats made of 100% fresh meat ingredients. The blue buffalo was crowned the best in the category of wet dog food. All its formula are made of 100% natural ingredients. Purina dog food is rated highly among the raw dog foods while merrick dog food is rated highly among the best affordable dog foods.

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  • As you can see from the foregoing, the various brands in the market have different reputations. You need to review the various brands and choose the right natural balance dog food for your dog.

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